Basic EKG Interpretation May 21, 2022 (9am-5pm)

Basic EKG Interpretation May 21, 2022 (9am-5pm)

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Overview: This is a one day course designed to enhance clinical decision making and assessment through the utilization of a systematic method of rhythm recognition. Cardiac physiology as it relates to the EKG is reviewed. Application and analysis of the EKG will be practiced to develop pattern recognition.


Objectives: At the conclusion of this course the active participant will have the ability to demonstrate through oral, practical and/orwritten evaluation: an understanding of basic heart anatomy and physiology, Describe the cardiac electrical conduction system, Identify the components of the cardiac cycle, Identify lethal and non-lethal Dysrhythmias, Recognize normal EKG measurements, Detect basic arrhythmias andDescribe the rapid interpretation method.




Cardiac Anatomy/Physiology

Anatomy of the ECG

The Six Step Process

Practice/case reviews


Rhythms Originating in the Sinus Node

Rhythms Originating in the Atria

Rhythms Originating in the AV Junction

Rhythms Originating in the Ventricles

AV Heart Blocks

Written Examination


Evaluation: Participants shall be evaluated using oral questioning techniques,and instructor will ensure that each participants practice strips are at least 80%correct, instructor may choose to have participants complete the multiple choice written evaluation at the completion